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99% Correlation since 1970 Stock Market Valuation Short- and Long-Term Forecasts Equity Risk Premium R² = 0.97 since 1970

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Four Advanced Decision Support Tools

Stock Market Valuation

This powerful model looks into the US stock market and alerts if it is overvalued or undervalued.

Stock Market Short-Term Forecast

This great tool presents the US stock market forecast for the next 12 months and the percent chance of happening.

Stock Market Equity Risk Premium

This model shows if the US stock market return is more or less attractive for the next 10 years than the 10-Year Treasury Note.

Stock Market Long-Term Forecast

The long-term forecast model displays the annual and total return expected for the next 10 years and the probability.

99% Correlation Since 1970

Based on proprietary algorithms, each forecasting model has a 99% correlation with the US stock market since 1970 on a quarterly basis.

R² = 0.97

The advanced stock market forecasting models explain 97% of the US stock market variance on a quarterly basis since 1970.

Recession Indicators

Empower your knowledge and discover a multitude of recession indicators from our daily blog.

Advanced Mathematical Models

Thanks to his computer engineer studies and his stock market experience, the founder has developed these great forecasting models.

R² since 1970
Correlation with the US Stock Market
Years of Stock Market Experience

Proprietary Research

25+ Years of Experience

Customer Service & Privacy

We are committed to providing the best service experience possible. Your privacy is important to us. We don’t rent or sell any personal information.

Advanced Forecasting Models

Our mathematical models extract insights from multiple financial data and produce stock market short- and long-term forecasts. Since 1970, our decision support tools have a fantastic 99% correlation with the US stock market (R² = 0.97).

Private Research in Luxembourg

We have more than 25 years of experience using mathematical formulas, algorithms, statistical and market data. Isabelnet headquarters is based in Luxembourg, a financial center of international renown.

Start making your
own smart decisions

Market volatility is blamed for causing people to make ill-timed, impulsive investment choice. Therefore, making the right judgment can be challenging.

To see the whole picture instantly, our forecasting models are great decision support tools based on algorithms, and not on emotional responses. They get insights from multiple financial data and help our members to make better and faster choices by extracting the signal from the noise.


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2 Forecasting Models

Stock Market Valuation

Stock Market Short-Term Forecast


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3 Forecasting Models

Stock Market Valuation

Stock Market Short-Term Forecast

Stock Market Equity Risk Premium


399€/year and save 15%

single user

4 Forecasting Models

Stock Market Valuation

Stock Market Short-Term Forecast

Stock Market Equity Risk Premium

Stock Market Long-Term Forecast

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