Corporate Bond Defaults

Corporate Bond Defaults Corporate bond defaults are on the rise this year: US$70bn in Q2 2020, the largest on record. Image: Institute of International Finance

Non-Financial Corporate Bond Debt

Non-Financial Corporate Bond Debt Chart showing the corporate bond debt due within the subsequent three years. Is this where the next debt crisis will begin? Image: Financial Times

U.S. Corporate Bond Ownership

U.S. Corporate Bond Ownership More than 25% of U.S. corporate bonds are held by insurance companies. Many investment grade investors are not allowed to hold junk-rated bonds. Any drop in the credit ratings could amplify the next recession. Image: NBF Economics and Strategy

U.S. Corporate Bond Market Risk

U.S. Corporate Bond Market Risk It is different this time. Since the 2008 regulations change, corporate bond market-risk-taking has moved from banks to investors in mutual funds. Image: Swedbank Research