Global Equity Market Sentiment

Global Equity Market Sentiment Chart suggesting that global investors have become euphoric again. Image: Nomura

U.S. Equity Market Outperformance

U.S. Equity Market Outperformance According to Gavekal, U.S. outperformance is mainly cyclical, not structural, and best investment opportunities could be in non-US assets. Image: Gavekal, Macrobond

Equity Market Tops

Equity Market Tops Interesting chart showing equity market tops. The U.S. equity market hasn’t yet reached its peak. Image: DoubleLine

Equity Markets and QE

Equity Markets and QE Chart suggesting that equity markets tend to move higher during QE periods. Image: J.P. Morgan

Equity Market Driven by Bonds Not Profits

Equity Market Driven by Bonds Not Profits The chart shows a widening gap between cyclicals and bond proxies. It is clearly a cyclical bear market within a bull market, as during the dotcom bubble. Image: Societe Generale Cross Asset Research

U.S. Equity Market Performance

U.S. Equity Market Performance since 1914 Excellent comparison between real (adjusted for inflation) and nominal returns on U.S. equities. Image: Saxo Bank