GS Sentiment Indicator

GS Sentiment Indicator Are investors be too bullish? Currently, the GS Sentiment Indicator is above average at 1.2 standard deviations. Picture source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

U.S. Consumer Sentiment

U.S. Consumer Sentiment The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is more sensitive to financial markets, whereas the Conference Board Index reflects labor market conditions. Picture source: J.P. Morgan

Gold Sentiment at Annual High

Gold Sentiment at Annual High The gold price ‘risk radar’ index is flashing red (-2.1 standard deviations). Picture source: Sentix, Bloomberg Finance L.P.

NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment​

NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment The National Association of Active Investment Managers Exposure Index represents the two-week moving average exposure to U.S. equity markets reported by NAAIM members. The chart shows that NAAIM members’ optimism was short-lived. Picture source: National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM)

U.S. Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment

U.S. Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment Currently, the consumer is doing well, keeping the U.S. economy from tanking, and consumer sentiment is high. Picture source: Credit Suisse