Housing Bubble Risk

Housing Bubble Risk Munich is the city with the highest risk of a housing bubble developing, followed by Toronto, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Image: Statista

Countries With the Highest Housing Bubble Risks

Countries With the Highest Housing Bubble Risks Detecting and measuring asset bubbles is not always an easy task, but in many countries, housing prices are rising faster than rental rates. Image: Visual Capitalist

Homeownership Disparity Deepens

Homeownership Disparity Deepens Since 1994, the gap between blacks and whites has widened, in part because starter-home prices have exploded, year after year. Inequality: you may also like “U.S. Unemployment Rate: Black or African Americans” and  “U.S. Net Worth by Wealth Bracket” and “Countries With the Highest Housing Bubble Risks.” Picture Source: Bloomberg

Stock Market Valuation

https://www.isabelnet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/stock-market-valuation.mp4 This powerful model looks into the US stock market and alerts if it is overvalued or undervalued The model shows the valuation percentage to the right and to the left. In the middle, it shows what the probability of each event happening is. Probability is a way to show how often an event will…