Eurozone – 10-Year Yields by Country

Eurozone – 10-Year Yields by Country One currency in the eurozone, but so many different interest rates. Can the eurozone survive in the long term? Image: BofA Global Investment Strategy

Eurozone Valuations

Eurozone Valuations Could european equities become even cheaper? Image: Topdown Charts

GDP – Eurozone vs. U.S.

GDP – Eurozone vs. U.S. A faster vaccination program and greater fiscal and monetary support in the U.S. help explain why the economic recovery in the Eurozone is expected to lag behind the United States. Image: Financial Times

Eurozone Equity Markets

Eurozone Equity Markets Eurozone equity markets could be in for pain if euro rally continues. Image: Gavekal, Macrobond

Eurozone Growth

Eurozone Growth Eurozone growth slows sharply, almost to zero. Image: Financial Times

Fiscal Impulses in Japan and the Eurozone

Fiscal Impulses in Japan and the Eurozone Japan and the eurozone are expected to benefit from significant fiscal stimulus next year. Image: Gavekal, Macrobond