Bear Market Rally – S&P 500 Bounced in 2008

Bear Market Rally – S&P 500 “Bounced” in 2008 To put the current bear market rally in perspective, this chart shows that the S&P 500 “bounced” six times by 9% to 19% in 2008. Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

S&P 500 and Bear Market Bottom

S&P 500 and Bear Market Bottom Historically, bear markets tend to retest the bottom either once or twice. Image: Gavekal, Macrobond

BofA Bull & Bear Indicator

BofA Bull & Bear Indicator The BofA bull & bear indicator is neutral at 6.5 vs. 6.7 last week. Image: BofA Global Investment Strategy

Bear Market “Head Fake” Rallies

Bear Market “Head Fake” Rallies Since 1937, eleven bear markets experienced a “head fake” rally, when the real economic pain began in the United States. Image: CNBC

Historic U.S. Bear Market

Historic U.S. Bear Market This chart shows the S&P 500 drop from peak and recovery until next peak. Image: Macrobond Financial

Bull and Bear Markets

Bull and Bear Markets This chart shows the S&P 500′s returns in bull and bear markets through history. Image: CNBC

Bear Market Recoveries

Bear Market Recoveries This table shows all the bear markets since 1950 and the length of recovery. Image: LPL Financial LLC