Inflation – CPI vs. M2

Inflation – CPI vs. M2 M2 growth tends to lead CPI by 16 months, suggesting lower U.S. inflation ahead. Image: Morgan Stanley Research

Global CPI Inflation

Global CPI Inflation Global inflation is expected to decline substantially in 2023. Image: Morgan Stanley Research

Inflation vs. Short Term Rate Expectations

Inflation vs. Short Term Rate Expectations Will recessionary conditions and cooler inflation force the Fed to cut rates in 2023? Image: BofA Global Fund Manager Survey

Flexible and Sticky Inflation

Flexible and Sticky Inflation Sticky inflation (core services) remains elevated while flexible inflation (core goods) is declining. Image: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

U.S. Core CPI Inflation

U.S. Core CPI Inflation Are market expectations of falling U.S. core CPI inflation rates too optimistic? Image: BofA Global Research