Global Earnings Growth

Global Earnings Growth Chart showing that the gap between U.S. earnings growth and non-U.S. earnings growth is narrowing. Image: Fidelity Investments

Global Earnings since 2006

Global Earnings since 2006 This chart shows global earnings since 2006 (USA, Emerging Markets, Japan and Europe). As Warren Buffett said: “for 240 years, it’s been a terrible mistake to bet against America.” This chart below illustrates it well since 2006. You may also like “Earnings Matter, Over the Long Run.” Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Consensus Earnings Expectations

Consensus Earnings Expectations Consensus earnings expectations across the world have been revised downward over the past 12 months. Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Proportion of Companies Beating Earnings Estimates

Proportion of Companies Beating Earnings Estimates Despite cuts to forecasts, S&P 500 aggregate earnings are beating expectations by the lowest rate since the global financial crisis. Image: Deutsche Bank Asset Allocation