Late Cycle – U.S. Regimes

Late Cycle – U.S. Regimes The U.S. stock market rally may be at risk in the late cycle phase. Image: BofA US Equity & Quant Strategy

Commodities – Commodity Super Cycles

Commodities – Commodity Super Cycles The current commodity cycle is still in its infancy, as commodity bull markets tend to last for years. Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

U.S. Market Cycle Indicators

U.S. Market Cycle Indicators Chart suggesting that the current business cycle’s end is not imminent in the U.S.. The risk of a bear market is low when the number of market cycle indicators is greater than 10. Image: Richardson GMP

Returns – S&P 500 Four Year Presidential Cycle

Returns – S&P 500 Four Year Presidential Cycle Is there a risk of a market correction? The S&P 500 is entering what has historically been a period of weakness. Image: BofA Global Research