CEO Business Confidence

CEO Business Confidence CEOs are very confident in future business conditions in the United States. Image: Longview Economics

Consumer Confidence and Business Confidence

Consumer Confidence and Business Confidence Consumer confidence has remained relatively strong, but may weaken later this year due to the decline in business confidence. Image: Wells Fargo Investment Institute

CEO Confidence & Business Confidence

CEO Confidence & Business Confidence Deutsche Bank points out that something happened to CEO confidence and business confidence when the trade war escalated in 2018H2. Image: Deutsche Bank Global Research

Does U.S. Productivity Increase Under Trump?

Does U.S. Productivity Increase Under President Trump? The answer is yes, because businesses have invested. Even if Net Domestic Investment to GDP is in a long-term downtrend, that’s good news for the U.S. economy. Keep in mind that it is a key factor in extending the business cycle. US Productivity has increased, because US companies have invested,…


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