World PMI Manufacturing

World PMI Manufacturing Most regions are now in contraction territory, except the United States. Picture source: Pictet Wealth Management

Global PMI vs. Global GDP

Global PMI vs. Global GDP The chart shows the strong correlation between global PMI and global GDP. Global PMI slides to lowest since 2016 and global GDP may have difficulty growing at a rate above 2% very soon. Picture source: IHS Markit

Manufacturing Payrolls vs. PMI

Manufacturing Payrolls vs. ISM PMI Manufacturing payrolls are usually quite volatile, but this interesting chart could suggest a rebound in the ISM PMI. Let’s wait for confirmation in the second half of the year. Picture source: Hayek and Keynes

Global PMI for Manufacturing

Global PMI for Manufacturing Global PMI for manufacturing slides to lowest since 2012. Picture source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management