Global Monetary Policy Map

Global Monetary Policy Map This chart shows that in 2019, central banks cut rates by most in a decade. Picture source: Topdown Charts

Sovereign Ratings Map

Sovereign Ratings Map Interesting map of sovereign ratings across the world in July 2019, using Moody’s ratings. Source: Moody’s Sovereign Ratings, Aswath Damodaran

Heat Map of Key Recession Indicators

Heat Map of Key Recession Indicators Higher probability of recession than average in red, and lower probability of recession than average in green. Picture source: BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research

S&P 500 – Secular Roadmaps

S&P 500 – Secular Roadmaps The chart shows the S&P 500 projection based on average secular bull and the CAPE model. Picture source: Fidelity Investments

World Population in 2018

World Population in 2018 Interesting world map: the country’s size represents the size of the population. You may also like “World Population & Demographics – More People Over 65 than Under 5 for the First Time.” Picture source: Our World in Data   Click the Picture to Enlarge  


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