U.S. Market Cycle Indicators

U.S. Market Cycle Indicators Chart suggesting that the current business cycle’s end is not imminent in the U.S.. The risk of a bear market is low when the number of market cycle indicators is greater than 10. Image: Richardson GMP

Market Cycle Back Tested over the Years

Market Cycle Back Tested over the Years Chart suggesting that the end of a bull market often occurs when the percentage signals that are bullish fall to 30% or below. Image: Richardson GMP

Investment Legend Howard Marks on Mastering the Market Cycle

Howard Marks: Pattern Recognition In Markets, Portfolio Positioning and Market Cycles (2018) Howard Marks speaks at UCLA Anderson School of Management with Alfred E. Osborne about cyclical indicators and historic market patterns to find opportunities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ATUoZ6qjpI