Bitcoin vs. Gold

Bitcoin vs. Gold Bitcoin’s current price shares similarities with the price of gold in the 1970s. Image: Alpine Macro

4-Week Flow Pace into Bitcoin Funds

4-Week Flow Pace into Bitcoin Funds There has been a significant decline in the 4-week flow pace into Bitcoin funds. Image: J.P. Morgan

Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100

Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100 While Bitcoin has shown a significant correlation with the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ ETF) in recent times, it’s important to consider the volatility and performance differences between the two assets. Image: Topdown Charts

Survey – Bitcoin Price

Survey – Bitcoin Price Over one-third of people surveyed believe that the price of Bitcoin will be below $20,000 at the end of 2024. Is it time to be contrarian on Bitcoin? Image: Deutsche Bank

S&P 500 vs. Bitcoin

S&P 500 vs. Bitcoin Will Bitcoin continue to underperform the S&P 500? Image: Topdown Charts

Bitcoin, the Mother of All Bubbles?

Bitcoin, the Mother of All Bubbles? Is Bitcoin the biggest bubble in the history of mankind? Image: BofA Global Investment Strategy