VIX – Volatility Index

VIX – Volatility Index While a low VIX may indicate a relatively stable market environment, it can also be a sign of complacency or a lack of market participants’ concern about potential risks. Image: The Daily Shot

Bond Volatility – MOVE Index

Bond Volatility – MOVE Index The decline in U.S. Treasury bond market volatility is seen as good news because it indicates a more stable and predictable investment environment, which can benefit both individual investors and the broader economy. Image: The Daily Shot

Volatility – U.S. Options Expiration

Volatility – U.S. Options Expiration Today being the largest September-options-expiration on record could suggest potentially significant market movements. Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Volatility – VIX Level

Volatilty – VIX Level Should U.S. equity investors expect more volatility ahead? Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research