Aggregate CTAs Equity Exposure

Aggregate CTAs Equity Exposure CTAs equity exposure also remains at a high level. Image: Deutsche Bank Asset Allocation

Hedge Fund Equity Exposure

Hedge Fund Equity Exposure Great chart showing that hedge funds’ equity exposure is near their lowest since the global financial crisis. Image: J.P. Morgan

NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment​

NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment The National Association of Active Investment Managers Exposure Index represents the two-week moving average exposure to U.S. equity markets reported by NAAIM members. The NAAIM Exposure Index stands at 77% this week. NAAIM members are less optimistic. Image: National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM)

Flow – % Share of Rolling Three-Month ETF Inflows

Flow – % Share of Rolling Three-Month ETF Inflows Investors reduced their equity exposure. Over the past 3 months, nearly 50% of all ETF inflows have funneled into HY, IG and Agg bonds. Image: Arbor Research & Trading LLC