Oil Market Disruption

Oil Market Disruption This chart suggests that “the oil market can cope with a larger Saudi disruption for several months.” Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Major Oil Supply Disruptions

Major Oil Supply Disruptions As a reminder, disruptions in the oil market have always led to higher oil prices. Image: BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research

China Exports YTD

China Exports YTD China’s exports strengthened in August, despite disruptions. Image: The Daily Shot

Global Debt Is Surging

Global Debt Is Surging Rising debt levels and growing overvaluation of assets increase the risk of financial disruption in the future. Image: Deutsche Bank Research

Risk of Small Business Closure

Risk of Small Business Closure More than 30% of US small businesses are at risk, if business disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic persists for two months. Image: CNBC

Global Real GDP Growth

Global Real GDP Growth According to Morgan Stanley, the recovery is just being delayed and the second scenario appears the most likely: escalation and more disruption in the second quarter, and the virus peaks in May. Image: Morgan Stanley Research