Oil Market Disruption

Oil Market Disruption This chart suggests that “the oil market can cope with a larger Saudi disruption for several months.” Image: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Major Oil Supply Disruptions

Major Oil Supply Disruptions As a reminder, disruptions in the oil market have always led to higher oil prices. Image: BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research

Global Debt Is Surging

Global Debt Is Surging Rising debt levels and growing overvaluation of assets increase the risk of financial disruption in the future. Image: Deutsche Bank Research

Risk of Small Business Closure

Risk of Small Business Closure More than 30% of US small businesses are at risk, if business disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic persists for two months. Image: CNBC

Global Real GDP Growth

Global Real GDP Growth According to Morgan Stanley, the recovery is just being delayed and the second scenario appears the most likely: escalation and more disruption in the second quarter, and the virus peaks in May. Image: Morgan Stanley Research

Performance of S&P 500 Index Around Global Health Emergencies

Performance of S&P 500 Index Around Global Health Emergencies Historically, market reactions to previous major health scares have shown short-term volatility, but no disruptions over an extended period of time. Image: Ned Davis Research