U.S. Dollar vs. Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

U.S. Dollar vs. Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) This chart also suggests that the U.S. dollar remains relatively strong despite Fed action. Image: Alpine Macro

Japan GDP

Japan GDP Japan’s economy shrunk at a 6.3% annual rate in late 2019 after sales-tax hike. Image: Financial Times

Gold vs. Japanese Yen

Gold vs. Japanese Yen This chart shows the strong correlation between the Japanese yen and gold, as they tend to offer similar safe haven characteristics. Image: Jeroen Blokland

Fiscal Impulses in Japan and the Eurozone

Fiscal Impulses in Japan and the Eurozone Japan and the eurozone are expected to benefit from significant fiscal stimulus next year. Image: Gavekal, Macrobond

Japan Stock Market

Japan Stock Market Japan holds more than 4% of the domestic stock market, making the BoJ the top shareholder of more than 55 companies in the Nikkei 225. Image: Macrobond Financial

Japan Recession Probability

Japan Recession Probability Chances of a recession in Japan are pretty high. Image: Quill Intelligence, LLC

Japan – Explaining 10-Year Yields

Japan – Explaining 10-Year Yields Great chart suggesting that demographics explain Japan’s 10-year yields. An R² of 0.87 is quite high and significant. Image: Arbor Research & Trading LLC