NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment​

NAAIM Exposure Index – Investor Sentiment The National Association of Active Investment Managers Exposure Index represents the two-week moving average exposure to U.S. equity markets reported by NAAIM members. The NAAIM Exposure Index stands at 89% this week. NAAIM members are still optimistic & bullish. Image: National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM)

Aggregate CTAs Equity Exposure

Aggregate CTAs Equity Exposure CTAs equity exposure also remains at a high level. Image: Deutsche Bank Asset Allocation

Hedge Fund Equity Exposure

Hedge Fund Equity Exposure Great chart showing that hedge funds’ equity exposure is near their lowest since the global financial crisis. Image: J.P. Morgan

S&P 500 and Hedge Fund Exposure

S&P 500 and Hedge Fund Exposure While the S&P 500 is at all-time high, hedge funds increase their exposure to equities (last = 0.52). Image: Sentimentrader

MSCI Eurozone vs. MSCI U.S.

MSCI Eurozone vs. MSCI U.S. This chart shows the large divergence between the MSCI Eurozone Index and the MSCI U.S. Index. Is this an opportunity to increase exposure to eurozone equities? Image: Financial Times

U.S. Bond ETFs Top Inflows Record

U.S. Bond ETFs Top Inflows Record In June, investors significantly increased their exposure to bond funds, as weak economic data fuels slowdown worries. U.S. bond ETFs inflows hit $25.4bn. Image: Financial Times